• Image of #3 size Coach maker's Side-axe.
  • Image of #3 size Coach maker's Side-axe.
  • Image of #3 size Coach maker's Side-axe.
  • Image of #3 size Coach maker's Side-axe.
  • Image of #3 size Coach maker's Side-axe.

Another return for me to this sought after, classically English style carpenters axe. Forged from a single piece of carbon steel, this medium duty side axe is perfect for bowl blank preparation, traditional chair making and other workshop carpentry jobs.

The distinguishing feature of the Coachmaker's style is the prominent rounded "heel" at the back of the blade. On many old axes this can return until it is almost touching the handle. The key to making these tools effective and comfortable for use is to design the haft so that it creates space for the fingers, many examples of old axes and their interesting haft design can be found online, if you need inspiration for fitting the handle.

In the group photo, the example first from the left on the top row is a slightly different style, more accurately described as a "bench axe" to use the old terminology. This head is slightly simpler in form and does not feature the rounded heel the coachmakers do, and is listed separately. There is only one in this style.

The number 3 size is in keeping with the traditional ratings of hand tools, each head is within a few Oz of 3lbs

I have 7 right handed heads and 1 left hander.

All of the heads have slight aesthetic variations to them as they are hand forged objects.

The generously proportioned eye with thick walls and deep poll make for a particularly well balanced head. The edge is over 5" wide and slightly concave on the back to help exit the cut.

Whilst the classic style demands a straight eye, I have very slightly canted these eyes so there is a slight bias towards correct side. this is to make the hafting slightly easier.

As a result of the global health emergency, I have decided to wait to have these tools heat treated, so there will be a delay of a few weeks in dispatching them.

The head is supplied sharp, without a sheath or a haft.

You must be over 18 years old to purchase this product, please be prepared to supply proof of age at point of purchase.

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