• Image of 4lbs Coachmaker's Side Axe

This tool is special. A one-off piece of work produced after years of research and development into traditional methods of forging axes.

Made from antique wrought iron, reworked from steam engine wheels, with carbon steel poll and bit welded on, all forged by hand in a traditional coal fired forge.

The form of this carpentry axe is of the quintessential english "coachmaker's" side axe. A type that was widely produced by numerous great british tool makers in 18th , 19th and early 20th centuries.

The eye is straight, so would require a canted haft being fitted for deep beam hewing work. Alternatively the axe can be used on beams with two hands, across the grain in the Norwegian fashion.

The axe is ideally suited to the workshop carpenter, joiner or chair maker where traditioanlly cleft timber needs to be prepared for planing.

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