• Image of Bark Peeling "Spud"
  • Image of Bark Peeling "Spud"
  • Image of Bark Peeling "Spud"

This tool is used for the removal of bark from a tree after it has been felled. Removing the bark is often an essential step before a tree can be milled into boards as there are various kinds of a debris hidden in the bark that can damage or quickly blunt cutting tools.

This tool features a roughly 4" square blade, comprised of a mild steel boy and a forge welded carbon steel edge.

Tempered for toughness, these Spuds should be fitted with a long handle to make using them in a comfortable posture possible.

The socket is not forge welded shut and will function as a spring, squeezing onto the haft.

The thick at centre cross section helps lift the bark away from the trunk.

these tools should not be confused with large chisels as the edge need not be maintained as dead flat, instead, allowing a slight convex edge will aid their performance.

The style ( short and broad )of this spud is based off of various Scandinavian examples, but the western style long and thin kind can be made upon request.

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