• Image of No2 size "Crum Knife" or "Jigger"
  • Image of No2 size "Crum Knife" or "Jigger"
  • Image of No2 size "Crum Knife" or "Jigger"
  • Image of No2 size "Crum Knife" or "Jigger"

Cooper's crum knife

This website is now serving as a waiting list. Tools are being made to order. Orders placed may take up to 15 weeks to deliver. Multiple orders to the same address will combine shipping

A crucial tool of the Cooper's trade known in Scotland as a "Crum knife" and many other regions as a "jigger".

My Crum Knives are based closely on the classic tools produced by the great "Mathiesons " tools company of Glasgow. The size offered here is a "No.2" that features a bellied blade with a curve conforming to a 5" circle.

The prototypes for these were developed in close partnership with a renowned master cooper and extensively trailed at various cooperages throughout Scotland.

Forged from a single piece of Carbon steel with no electric welds, the form of the blade is extremely close in many regards to the finest tools of the past. The steel handle is forged with a comfortable radiused edge to provide comfort and control. The single wooden handles has been specially turned for me from Ash and has been based closely on the fat, simple classic handle designs of old examples. Surface treated with a hot bath in natural Linseed oil at 150 degrees. This temperature helps the oil to penetrate into the surface of the wood and polymerises the oil causing it to effectively cure and dry.

The tool is similar in many ways to a drawknife with the obvious difference being that one handle is straight to the blade and forged from the same piece of steel as the rest of the tool. Whilst these tools are intended for use within the Coopering trade, it is easy to imagine other applications for the deeply curved blade for other roles such as timber framing and log building.

These Knives are forged and finished entirely by hand, by myself at my workshop in England. Some aspects of heat treatment is outsourced to local experts with specialist equipment.

These tools are forged for right handed users but left handed variants can be made upon request.

This listing is for individual sales, if your cooperage has a demand for bulk orders please have your manager contact me directly.

All of my tools are stored in dirty workshop environments for a time before dispatch and users working within the food and drink industries may wish to clean the tools before putting them to use.

Given the recent rises in shipping costs, all shipping rates are charged an initial fee but should be considered estimates. You may be contacted if the cost of shipping is greater than the estimated amount.

If this tool is being shipped to a residential address within the UK, you will be required by law to prove you are over 18 years old.

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