• Image of Chair Maker's Froe
  • Image of Chair Maker's Froe
  • Image of Chair Maker's Froe

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This is a very heavy duty Froe, made to be used for decades. Heat treated and spring tempered for maximum toughness. Featuring a forged "lozenge" shape blade cross section (Meaning that the blade is not thickest at the spine, but rather about 1/3rd down from the spine. This allows the user a fulcrum point to lever the split against, which greatly helps control the direction of the riving/splitting) and a seamless forged eye.

Hand forged from a single piece of carbon steel, with a seamless eye.

Available in two sizes- No8 being 8" of blade length & No12 being 12" of edge length. Both have a similar eye being around 40mm in diameter at the widest part.

These tools are meant to be fitted with a wooden handle that allows you to twist and pry apart the fibres of the timber, rather than cutting them. The handle is not provided

Always use wooden maul or mallet to drive the tool into the timber, never strike the back or any part of the tool with a metal hammer. Traditionally, tight root knots were often used to make clubs for froes.

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